Hey and Hello!

Hi. I’m Kim. And this is Happy Hour Training.

Who am I?
I love deep diving into the whys and hows of training, nutrition, why we do the things we do in the gym- and then break them down into layman terms. Better yet if I can sum things up into list and point forms.

What else can I tell you about myself?
Professionally- I work as a Personal Trainer and Online Fitness Coach. I post fitness things on Instagram. I used to be a pageant queen, online game streamer and air hostess. Wild portfolio hey?

Why Happy Hour Training (HHT)?
I came up with the name Happy Hour Training when I was working a shitty sales job selling gym memberships. The only joy I had from that job was my 1 hour a day that I get to utilise the gym for free. That became my escape- I found myself coming into work daily to count down the hours to my training time. That was my Happy Hour.

And besides that, I love going for drinks. Wine, beer, Prosecco... I love a good Happy Hour deal. ;)

What Is HHT?
And that being said- HHT is all about preaching that you don’t need to:

  • Only eat chicken breast and broccoli everyday (bluergh!)

  • Hit the gym for 2 hours 5 times a week

  • Give up alcohol or all the food you love

  • Being healthy is more than just hitting the gym 24/7

Learning about and falling in love with working out is one of the best things that I’ve done for myself, and I want to help others learn, see and love it too.

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Kimberly Ann

Personal Trainer & Women's Health Specialist. Gym bunny who loves food as much as she loves her drinks.